5Rhythms Desert Retret – Aviya Reches i Beata Eckert

5 Rhythms Desert Retreat with Beata Eckert- 5 Rhythms teacher from Poland and Aviya Reches-Israel ®

In daily life we are being surrounded by lot of noise-internal, external, wrapping us each minute.
In this workshop -surrounding by the beautiful desert -we will explore inside the body and around us how we can reach the source of Silence and healing.
We will use the 5 Rhythms maps in the nature of desert space that enable healing to the Heart, Body and soul.

It will be a 5 Rhythms journey that can give us opportunity to move deeply with the unique soul of each one of us,
we will practice consciousness connected to the body-the house of our soul.

Hours of the workshop:
The retreats starts at 17:30 on 6.3.19 and we finish at 14:00 on 9.3.19.

The fee: 880 shekels for those who will pay until 6.12.18. After this date the fee will be 980 shekels.

A reduced fee will be given to 2 friends who book together .

Waiting to dance with you with love!

For more details about accommodation and booking-please contact Aviya:

6-9 marca 2019

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